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Does Trump have a narrow path to victory in the 2020 US Presidential election?

So far polls coming out of the US suggest that Democrat candidate Joe Biden will win this year's presidential election hands down. But incumbent Donald Trump has been criss-crossing the country in the last few weeks to campaign and, in the process, he's been closing the gap fast. On Halloween's eve he had the Biden camp spooked that he might just pull off what he did in 2016 when he came from behind to snatch victory from Democrat contender Hillary Clinton.

With less than 48 hours before polls open in the US, we look at whether Trump can again do the seemingly impossible again by analysing what might be his path to victory - even though it remains a very narrow path.

In this video we explain the role played by the US Electoral College and which states might deliver a second term to Donald Trump:

All images used in this article and video were obtained under Creative Commons licences from Unsplash and US Library of Congress. Music used in the video was provided under Creative Commons licence from Microsoft Movie Maker Pro.


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