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"In the realm of ideas everything depends on enthusiasm ... in the real world all rests on perseverence."

                    - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Australia-based Alistair Nicholas Consulting helps organisations of all kinds achieve their business objectives through strategic and practical approaches drawn from more than 35 years of international experience in government relations, corporate and public affairs, public relations, issues and crisis management, and international trade and investment.



Government Relations

Governments at all levels have policies, laws and regulations that can assist or hinder business. I assist my clients secure their businesses by monitoring, tracking and analysing development of policies, legislation and regulations affecting them. I use specialist knowledge of government processes and the public policy cycle to design and execute strategies to help clients influence outcomes and protect their interests. Approaches range from timely and informed messaging and meetings with departmental officials, ministers and influential members of parliament (including opposition spokespersons and crossbench MPs), to full broad-based lobbying campaigns involving, as necessary, coalition building and media campaigns.

Public Relations

I support clients in designing and executing public relations strategies for corporate communications, including for internal employee engagement, stakeholder engagement and important reputation management. My focus is on message development, design and writing of communications material, and planning and executing print, radio, television and social media campaigns. I also provide media and public speaking training for organisational spokespersons including corporate CEOs and senior operations managers. If required, I am also able to act as the spokesperson for the client organisation, a role I have often filled on behalf of clients in the past.

Crisis Management

I have managed high profile corporate crises, including crises that have involved deaths and serious injuries, and which have resulted in coronial and parliamentary inquests. My extensive experience shows my best and most valuable service is before a crisis breaks. I work with clients on design and development of crisis management plans so they are as well prepared as possible for risks and events that might threaten their reputation and commercial stability. I design and lead internal crisis management training programs and guide regular re-trainings and scenario drills, after which I provide practical recommendations to improve an organisation's crisis management systems and processes. 

Foreign Investment Approval

I assist clients achieve their foreign investment approvals by designing and executing government, media and community engagement strategies that help them communicate their business plans and commitment clearly. This is not about the legal process in obtaining approval from the Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB), though I work closely with legal and other corporate advisors. It is about obtaining a social licence to operate in the market. This is done by engaging with politicians and community leaders who can help influence the ultimate political decision by the Federal Treasurer and Cabinet to approve a foreign investment.

About Me

Based in Sydney, Australia, I bring more than 35 years of experience in Global Fortune 500 companies, government, diplomacy, journalism, and public affairs to the table. I have worked in Australia, North America, China, Asia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea for private companies, Chinese State-Owned Enterprises, national governments, multilateral organisations, small and medium enterprises, and non-government organisations.


For more detailed information about me and my company see here. For information about my services see here.


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My Guarantee








Matthew Murphie, Managing Director, First Prudential Markets

"Alistair did a great job in representing us to Government in relation to a complex matter. His experience and intellect ensured we put our best foot forward. I would highly recommend him and would definitely use him again in the future."

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