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Managing geopolitical risk in an uncertain world

Updated: Apr 24, 2021

This week I was honoured to join a panel discussion on the challenges of managing geopolitical risks in an increasingly uncertain and unpredictable world. My fellow panellist was corporate affairs veteran Vanessa Gourlay of The Communicate Project, who recently returned to Australia from Hong Kong where she had been working for the past 12 years.

The discussion canvassed a range of geopolitical risks facing corporations and other transnational organisations, including difficulties in the Australia-China relationship, Sino-US relations and “decoupling” of their two economies, China-Hong Kong issues and the street protests of last year, the Covid19 pandemic, and climate change and carbon border taxes. The panel discussed the role of corporate affairs advisers in planning for and managing geopolitical risks, and the skills needed for the task.

The discussion also covered how small and medium-sized businesses could monitor and prepare for geopolitical risks.

The discussion took place on Wednesday 21 April via Zoom. It was hosted by the Brisbane Corporate Affairs Network and was moderated by Ilse Nolan. It was sponsored by u&u Recruitment Partners.

For those who missed the event but are interested in the subject matter, here’s a video of the full discussion:

(Photo courtesy of Unsplash.)


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